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How long does it take to make a suit?

It is advisable to allow four to six weeks. However, if you need a suit made in less then that time please do contact us to discuss the possibilities


How long does it take to make a shirt?

It is advisable to allow 1 to 2 weeks. However, if you need a suit made in less then that time please do contact us to discuss the possibilities



What is your price range for a suit and a shirt?


Our prices start at RM3100 for a two piece suit, RM4000 for a three piece and RM700 for an extra pair of trousers. Our bespoke shirt starts from RM380. Prices are subject to material chosen.


What are your standard terms of payment?

We require a 40% deposit on taking an order for a bespoke suit or garment. The balance is due on delivery of the finished item. We accept credit cards and cash payment.


Do you charge for consultations?

No, consultations are free of charge and we will go through the whole process to make sure you’re comfortable before committing to purchase.


How many times do I have to visit you to have a suit made?

Customers need to visit us a minimum of two times for measurements and fittings. We don’t generally need to undertake more than three fittings, however, if needs be the designer will consult you on the matter during the first fitting


Do you have examples in your atelier for me to try and look at before I order?

We have a number of examples of our atelier that you are very welcome to try on and inspect.



Do you do house calls/ concierge service?

Yes, we can travel to you if you are in Kuala Lumpur or Klang Valley area at a minimum charge of RM100. However, if your expenditure is more then RM3000 this charge is waved.


Can you alter suits that is not made by your company?

No, we do not do alterations for suits from other brands.

Can I alter products made by Atelier Fitton?

Yes, for our suits we offer a guarantee fit of one year free alteration service from date of purchase. As for shirts and trousers there will be a small fee charged. 


Do I need to make an appointment?

It is highly advisable to make an appointment, but we always do our utmost to accommodate any customers who pass by without one.


Can I purchase a gift card?

Yes, you can purchase a gift card for any amount which is valid for one year.


 Do you make outfits for ladies?

Yes, we can make shirt dresses and suits or trousers for women.


Where do the fabrics come from?

We have fabrics from England, Italy, Spain, Ireland and India. We advise you to come in to see the difference in materials.

How do I look after my suit?

It is strongly advisable that all suits be dry-cleaned only

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