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The process...

Creative designer, Joshua Fitton begins the process with a full style review to fully understand what the client wants to achieve. A personal profile is built. 


The designer then takes all the required measurements. Every inch is taken into account. These measurements will then be translated on to paper patterns which will be laid out onto cloth and chalked around. The cloth will then be hand cut by our experts leaving some cloth allowance for our clients to alter his suit in case of weight change in the future. We offer a 1 year free alteration service for all bespoke suits.

The design process.

A wide selection of cloth will be presented and the design process begins. The designer will advise you on style of suit to color and type of fabric to suit the clients occasion and body type. A suit that is unique and original will be made for the client


At this stage, the garment is brought to our professional cutters and sewers to be dismantled and put together again according to the final fitting. Their expertise and workmanship will translate into an immaculate suit.


The designer will make alterations in accordance to the clients posture to achieve a suit that fits your body like a glove.

The final product.

The suit has now reached completion and is inspected once again by the designer himself. Any small adjustments will be taken into consideration at this stage to provide the perfect suit. The suit is then placed in a suit bag and ready to be delivered to the customer. 

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