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    Designed for the man who wants a style that is informed by the past but inspired by the present, a style that is effortless, discreet and pure. Atelier Fitton's pursuit of sartorial elegance and understated luxury is the driving force behind each piece the brand produces. With rich English roots; tradition and craftmanship are strong founding ideologies that are meticulously executed throughout the brand.

  At Atelier Fitton, under the guidance of Creative Director, Joshua Fitton, the emphasis is on a contemporary and timeless aesthetic where the architecture and construction of each piece is carefully thought of and executed. Much thought and care are put into the design and production of every piece, from the cut and fit of each garment, to the use of natural materials and the practice of responsible production.

  Over the years, Atelier Fitton has established its self as a design house that embraces change as well as a strong ability in adapting to current trends and styles yet keeping its roots in English bespoke tailoring. In the proportion and cut of every bespoke suit, exceptional attention to detail is paid; making the brand renowned for creating pieces that are engineered to be functional, comfortable and elegant.

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